My name is Mr. Comeau. I originally created this blog during my second practicum placement as teacher candidate at the University of Windsor’s  Faculty of Education.  I had originally envisioned this blog as a means of sharing supplemental information with my students. My goal was twofold. I would teach myself a new platform, and I would use that platform to offer my students another means by which they could  enhance their learning. I would accomplish both of these goals by posting links to articles and videos that complemented the material we were going to cover, or had already covered, in class.  The potential uses of this blog became more apparent over time. A brief  summary of the things this blog allowed me to do with my students can be found on  the ‘Students’ page.

Over the summer of 2012, this blog took on a third role. Many of my peers from the Faculty of Education spread out across the province. I began to use this blog as a means of sharing resources that had served me well with my peers,  future teacher-candidates,  and other teachers at large. Most of the posts relate to how one can use technology effectively in his/her classroom to enhance in his/her students’ learning.


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