Are political talking points a threat to a healthy democracy?

This is both funny, and profoundly sad.
It’s a fine example of why politicians running for office need to do more than spew their party’s talking points. Case in point this candidate for The Australian Liberal Party, the main centre right party of Australia that would be comparable to the Federal Conservative Party or to Provincial PC parties on the political spectrum.
This candidate, in keeping with his party electoral candidate training, is doing what too many political parties do here in Canada: they stick to their party’s messages which consist of a narrow list of sound bite long talking points. They show no actual understanding of how those talking points would be applied when pressed by questions from the either the public or journalists. Let the facts and reality be damned.
They sound like clueless fools, and demonstrate that they are but mindless sheep that can only do as they are told, be it during the campaigning or when in office. Rewarding this behaviour by voting for these automatons is a threat to the sustainability of democracy. Their approach shows an utter contempt for the intelligence of voters and the democratic process by removing the true political dialogue and debate at the local level. Citizens, communities, and our societies deserve better.

Here’s are a a link to a series of articles from Australia’s ‘The Sydney Morning Herald‘ surrounding this particular Candidate and this interview.


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