Deadly new virus, MERS, ‘a threat to the entire world’ as long incubation period stokes transmission fears

Who says teaching students in grade 10 about the impact of the Spanish influenza on western society is pointless. It isn’t about scaring the students; it’s about teaching them the importance of social norms in pandemic situations. One better not hope that adolescent only learn how societies react to pandemics from popular Zombie movies and TV shows. Granted, the first 100 pages of WWZ basically steal the rise of the African rabies pandemic from the actual breakout of the Spanish flu, but using different countries and more modern means of international travel. Teaching students how our ancestors overcame pandemics in the past is a lesson worth teaching. The Spanish Flu offers history teachers a means to teach those lessons.

National Post | News

LONDON — A detailed look at two cases of a deadly new respiratory virus called MERS suggests people who have the disease should be isolated for at least 12 days to avoid spreading it, doctors reported Wednesday.

The new germ, a respiratory infection, was first seen in the Middle East and so far has sickened more than 40 people worldwide, killing about half of them.

In a speech on Monday in Geneva, the World Health Organization’s Director-General, Dr. Margaret Chan, said her greatest health concern is MERS. She called the ongoing outbreaks “alarm bells” and said the virus “is a threat to the entire world.”

In the report published online in the journal Lancet, French scientists said the first patient visited Dubai. He is thought to have caught MERS there before passing it onto the second patient, who had no travel history and with whom he shared a room for…

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