Canadian pro-choice crusader Henry Morgentaler dead at 90

The NFB doc “Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair”  is worth studying during the human dignity section of the grade 12 social justice Catholicism course here in Ontario. You should get both the admin and parents approval before showing it.

National Post | News

TORONTO — To his enemies he was a mass murderer, but to many he was the man who shed light on back-street abortions and put women’s health and choice on the front pages of newspapers, TV screens and radio airwaves.

Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who helped overturn Canada’s abortion law 25 years ago, died Wednesday at his Toronto home. He was 90.


In 1967 Morgentaler, then a family practitioner, emerged in Quebec as an advocate for the right of Canadian women to have abortion on demand, at a time when attempting to induce an abortion was a crime punishable by life in prison.

The issue became a polarizing issue in Canada: On one side the growing women’s liberation movement pushed for the right to choose, while the other was made up of those who equated abortion with murder.

Carolyn Egan, with the Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics, says Morgentaler had…

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