Don’t tell your daughter she is beautiful, parents told: Minister says children should avoid a fixation with looks

That means you should focus on complementing your child on their other attributes like: their brains, sense of humour, wit, charm, strength of character, etc. How is this news in 2013? Feminist have been shouting this message for generations. It is nice to see a Conservative member of the British Cabinet voice it publically.

National Post | News

Parents should stop telling their children they look beautiful because it places too much emphasis on appearance and can lead to body confidence issues later in life, Jo Swinson, the U.K. women’s minister, has claimed.

Mothers and fathers who praise their sons and daughters for wearing a nice outfit or having nice hair risk sending a message to children that looks are the most important thing to succeed in life, the minister said.

Instead, she said, children should be praised for completing tasks or their ability to be inquisitive.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Ms Swinson, 33, who does not have any children, also suggested that mothers should be careful about speaking about their own bodies in front of children.

The Liberal Democrat was speaking before a progress report, due to be made Tuesday, on the Government’s “body confidence” campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the…

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