ALL KILLER, NO FILLER. My review of ‘Differentiating Textbooks’ by Forsten, Grant and Hollas

 ‘Differentiating Textbooks: Strategies to Improve Student Comprehension & Motivation is a worthwhile investment for any teacher or teacher candidate who is new to differentiated instruction.

Most of us would rather not use a textbook; however, we should always remember that there is a difference between being a slave to a textbook and learning how to use it effectively to meet one’s curriculum, literacy, higher order & critical thinking, and life skills objectives. This book will help you to assist your students in meeting all these objectives.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this book’s title actually matches its content. It addresses the issue of how to make textbooks more accessible to those students who have exceptionalities or literacy issues through the use of differentiated instruction strategies. It offers teachers numerous strategies, tools, and activities that can easily be implemented in the classroom or by the student at home. It is divided into 5 Chapters.

Chapter 1: Ways to create random groupings.
Chapter 2: Selecting and adapting textbooks.
Chapter 3: Before-Reading Strategies.
Chapter 4: During-Reading Strategies.
Chapter 5: After-Reading Strategies.

It also comes with 40 reproducible templates in the Appendix that can be photocopied and handed out to students. I have quite a few book on differentiated instruction, but this is by far one of the more practical ones. Not a whole lot of theory, this book contains almost exclusively material that can easily be implemented in the classroom. It is all killer, with little to no filler.

You can find it at Chapters, Bookdepository and Amazon.


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