A must read for all Teacher Candidates and New Teachers!

At under $15(CAN), Reluctant Disciplinarian: Advice on Classroom Management from a Softy Who Became (Eventually) a Successful Teacher  is 176 pages of gold.   It is a short but invaluable read. It is  by far the most useful book I read on why and how students behave or misbehave in the classroom.  The lessons taught by Rubenstein’s experience will spare you many headaches. Having read it after my first placement I could see many of the mistakes I had made within its pages. Rubenstein comes off as very old school and hard to accept at first. That is until you hit page 81 where the goal of using his modus operandi  becomes clear and palatable. I wish I had read it before my first practicum placement.  There is no single book that can teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the classroom but this one should be part of your library. Its advice will serve you well

You can find it at ChaptersBookdepository and Amazon.



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