There are no Innocent Bystanders!

“My friend June Callwood taught me years ago that there are no innocent bystanders. If you come across pain in any form and do nothing to help, you are responsible. It is from her and people like her that I learned that small things are what give life its meaning.”

–Michael Enright, Journalist, TV/Radio Host.


This quote is taken from CBC radio journalist and host Michael Enright’s Convocation address to the 2012 class of  the Faulcty of Arts and Professional Studies at York University. It is filled with valuable advice. The first link leads to a brief summary that fails to do it full justice.

You can find the full video of the convocation and Michael Enright’s address bellow. It is the 5th video. He begins speaking at minutes 32:45 and ends at 46:15.

***The best advice starts at 42 minutes and goes on to the end!***


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