TV Commercial – Assignment Resources

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Please review your Assignment handout & Rubric. If you forgot to ask me a question in class please have it prepared/written for our next class. We will have a brief  Q & A session at the end of class.

As promised, here is some extra  information to help you  with the writing of  your  TV or Radio Commercial Script.

1) 10 essentials to create an effective commercial:

2) This is a video from a professional who has written and worked in numerous commercials.

3)  Some helpful tips to begin the brainstorming process:

4) Here is a template for  script writing that you should use.

5) These sites also offer some helpful tips for how to write a script. This is aimed for 30 second spots but can still be helpful. Remember that your advertisement at its core must solve a problem and lead to 1 call to action.

6) Here are excellent points when going a voice-over for Radio commercials (but can
be implemented for TV narrations):


7) Some excellent filmmaking techniques & tips which will help any video production:

8) Directory of Film and Television Production Resources:


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