Pecha Kucha – Assignment Resources

Please review your Assignment handout & Rubric. If you forgot to ask me a question in class please have it prepared/written for our next class. We will have a brief  Q & A session at the end of class.

Why we are doing a PECHA KUCHA?

Here’s a quirky and hilarious analysis of why traditional Powerpoints are so painful. It has good tips on what not to do so please view it. .

A quick recap on the Pecha Kucha presentation and its rules:

  1. The presentation includes 20 (powerpoint) slides: (copy and paste in web address field and save this template to your computer)
  2. Each slide is only on screen for 20 seconds (the maximum length of your presentation will be 6min 40sec.)
  3. Avoid text (your audience won’t have time to read it)
  4. Use image, cryptic images can help get your message across
  5. For a better idea have a look at the following example:!

For more examples of PECHA KUCHAs please explore the following site:

This page has numerous Pecha Kuchas for you to explore. This will give you and your group a better insight into how  your Pecha Kucha should look. You can also explore the following sites that have a many examples. Here’s one. Ones on Walter BenjaminTESOLHenri Cartier-Bressonletterpress printingpipes, and IdeaTree Design; ones by Dr. Gonzo,  Renato OraraPeter Huboi.

Supplementary Information:

For those of you wondering ‘Why Pecha Kuchas?’, here’s Edward R. Tufte‘s essay on PowerPoint and David Byrne‘s essay; on the problems with powerpoint presentations.

Here are some further articles about the Pecha Kucha phenomenon in popular culture internationally. One article on Pecha Kucha from  The List, and another One article from Wired magazine… and yet another.


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