Suicide Unit

Hello students,

Today we begin a two period unit addressing the  difficult topic of suicide. You’ll find among the sites bellow a series of links to government and non-government organisations dealing with depression ad more specifically suicide.

1) Governmental Organisations (GOs) & Non-Governmental Organisations(NGOs):

Health Canada:

Centre for Suicide Prevention:

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention:

2) Being Left behind:

This site addresses the issues that loved ones have to face when they lose someone to suicide.

Bellow you will find articles from newspapers and other media sources that address the tremendous loss that families and friends feel when they lose a loved one to suicide.

1) This first article from American Catholic and is written from a man who lost his best friend in highschool to suicide.

2) This second article is from MacLean’s magazine and explores suicide among Aboriginal Canadians.

3) This second article is from Florida’s St-Peterburg’s Times and recount a parent loss of her 12 year old son.

4) This third article explores the cuts to psychological support for returning soldiers and veterans from the Afghanistan Conflict. There are more an more suicides and less and less resources for our returning troops.

3) For statistics on Suicide in Canada:

4) Positive Stories:

a) Toronto teens stop British youth from killing self from across the Ocean.–canada-lags-at-long-distance-suicide-prevention

b) For those who think mental illness is only a liability, here’s is a fascinating article that explores President Lincoln’s lifelong battle with Depression  and how it gave him the tools he needed to save the nation. Here it is on The Antlantic‘s site:

or if you would prefer to  save a PDF copy:


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