Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide UNIT

Good evening everyone,
Today we concluded our fourth and final day addressing the issues of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.
For those of you who were absent due to varsity events or other please review the following video interview with Robert Latimer. It is from the French-language CBC (Radio-Canada) but takes place in English only.  You only need explore the first 20 minutes.
Consider the following wile taking notes:
  1. How does Latimer come off? Does he come off as telegenic and compassionate or cold and uncaring? Why might he come off as such? (see pages 2-4 of the Handout you were given in class on Friday the 11th of May.)
  2. Is Latimer view of compassion different than the one pronounced by the Catholic Church concerning Euthanasia? (the latter is found on the first page he Handout you were given in class on Friday the 11th of May which cited John Paul II.)
  3. What was Latimer’s motivation; ending Tracy’s pain, removing a burden from his life or a mixture of the two?
  4. What would you be most tempted to do? How does that compare or contrast  to what the Church teaches us that God would wants us to do?
You are also expected to complete the remaining 3 pages of the handout given to you on the 1st day of this unit. These are ‘Where do you stand?.’  ‘Forms of Euthanasia‘ and ‘The Church’s Stance on Euthanasia.‘ The first of these was to have been completed 3 nights ago. This material will be on the quiz.

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